Mood Boards | The Sahara Palace

photos and words by felicia williams // palmeraie, morocco // read the story worthy guide


Set against the majestic backdrop of the snow-capped, Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Palace glitters like a gem in the center of the Palmeraie.


While the Sahara Palace is recovering from changes in management, constant repairs and a frosty staff, I would still recommend a jaunt to this opulence-in-progress property.

The Palace is approximately twenty to thirty minutes outside of Marrakech, and provides a nice pause for some upscale fun while visiting the area.

Pros: Very well appointed rooms. you truly feel like you're getting your money's worth while staying in one of their mid-tier or higher suite. The common areas like the lounge areas and restaurants are equally beautiful! The food is also excellent (though European or American guests will find the espresso service lacking).

Cons: Inconsistent staff. They aren't all duds (there are some kind and considerate staff members) but much of the staff I interacted with were quite cold or unconcerned while I stayed. That said, it's easy to ignore a bad vibe while you do the things that matter to you. Another note: the fabrics here are badly water damaged in the outdoor spaces. Hopefully there is a solid plan for replacing these.

Neutral: The hotel is very quiet. Not everyone can afford the price tag and the location is a bit remote. That said, I found that the privacy perfectly suited me and I enjoyed the quiet moments I had to read, write, and relax. 

Days to stay: Plan 2-3 nights


A self portrait, taken on the terrace of the junior suite with one of my luxury leather bags. Wearing a bespoke silk and quilted dress, both items hunted and found in Marrakech.

Top: View of the beautiful pool from the open air restaurant. Bottom: View of the pool from the main property pathway.

Top: The Sahara Palace has a beautiful, extensive library, with design, travel, architecture and even children's books. Open upon request. Middle: The grand room of one of three restaurants on the property. Bottom: Crystal chandelier in the central lobby.

All: Atlas Mountain View Suite. King bed, plush linens with black, gold and crystal finishes. Not Shown: Large walk-in style closet. Separate rain shower and garden tub. Private terrace with wide view of the pool and lush property (see next set of images). 

Top: Private terrace from the Atlas Mountain Suite through two, French style glass doors. Two, over-stuffed sun chairs with low, gold table for outdoor dining in the sun. Bottom: Large, plump daybed. Overhead fan for temperature control. View of the mountains, pool and manicured lawn.

Caution: First floor roof is connected to the outer edge of these terraces. Roof cleaners will walk past the open windows and the hotel does not warn the guests of a potential on looker into their suite. Additionally, these fabrics show the most water damage. Recommended to place down a towel before use.

Top: Dusk view of the pool. Middle: Sun cabana with fuchsia, gossamer curtains; exit from one of the further out suite towers on the property. Bottom: View of the pool at dusk from the suite that Carrie and the girls stayed in the movie Sex in the City 2. And yes, they do offer this movie for free viewing to Sahara Palace guests :)

Top: Close-up of the front of the Palace. Bottom: The driveway the leads to the entrance.

Two self portraits I took on my final day in Marrakech, wrapping up my very first hunt for Black Hound. Shown: Luxury leather bags with silk interiors, hand woven blankets, Berber caravan bag and Mali bust (retained for my personal collection).